Valorant Coming to Consoles

Valorant VP

Valorant has finally made its way out of the grasp of PC exclusivity and into the world of Valorant consoles, as Riot Games has announced that the game will soon be making its way to the Xbox Series X/S and the PS5. We got a sneak peek at how things are going to look through the limited beta launched on the 14th of June, and here’s what we have gathered so far.

Will the Valorant console version have cross-progression?

Losing all your progress on shifting from PC to console would be devastating, and fortunately, Riot Games is of the same opinion, because guess what? Cross-progression is available. What that means is that you folks will be able to carry over items like skins, Valorant top up, experience, and Valorant VP. Thus, if you ever want to play with your Valorant console friends, rest assured that the switch is going to be a seamless process.


In addition, any progress you make during the limited Valorant console beta will also be carried over to the full version, which will be released later. So don’t shy away from giving it your all in the beta if you have been granted access to it by Riot Games.


Will the Valorant console version have crossplay?

This particular feature is a mixed bag; if you have a PS5, with Valorant VP you’ll be able to play against your pals on the Xbox and vice versa, but not against players on the PC. This really is no surprise, considering that PC players will have a considerable advantage over those on the console. This decision will help keep the experience balanced and fair.

Complaints of Dropping Frames

While the overall impression of the beta in terms of user interface and gameplay has been positive, many players have complained about lagging frames during several action-packed sequences. If we’re being frank, the jump from PC to console is usually accompanied by instances like this. Let’s see if Riot Games can optimize the game further so that the frames can more closely replicate the PC experience.


Other than the frames, the gameplay itself is pretty much the same exhilarating fun you get to see on the PC, with gunfire, Agent abilities, and mechanics as immersive as ever.

Can you play using a mouse and keyboard?

No, Riot Games has confirmed on their official website that you can only use the designated Xbox and PlayStation controllers on consoles. This makes sense, as they want to promote a balanced experience for all. In fact, there have been reports that players caught using the mouse and keyboard in the limited beta have been banned!

Will you need online subscriptions to play the game on the Valorant console?

No, much like in Fortnite, you don’t need to purchase Playstation Plus or the Xbox Game Pass to play the game once it rolls out. That makes sense given that Valorant makes its money from what you spend on items like the Battle Pass and Valorant Agent Skins.